Bitcoin is controlled by a group of powerful cartels ranging from Top Nations to Fortune 500 companies.

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Most of us in the cryptocurrency industry should’ve heard these adjectives used to describe the nature of Bitcoin. Recently, the co-founder of Dogecoin accused the cryptocurrency industry of being controlled by some wealthy right-wing cartels. Bitcoin promises billionaire livelihood for ordinary people like you and me, the latter accused.

We are feeling uncertain about the future of Bitcoin, “the most underrated asset class” in the current world. So if Bitcoin is a better asset than gold, why should it fall from its all-time…

If you’re using ethereum for a while, then your only concern would be gas fees but it’s not for these guys, yes you’re right MATIC. The $15 billion L2 solutions for ethereum.

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During the early days of 2021, ETH transactional costs were crazy. It was crazy enough for us to pay $50 for sending $1 worth of ethereum to other accounts. It’s the same for sending $5M too. But the fact is that the gas fees went as high as 500 GWEI.

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest wealth creators in the 21st century. It’s neither a gamble nor a coincidence but the beginning of a new financial era. Most people are used to traditional stock market investment. However, the terminologies and trading mechanisms remain relatively the same in cryptocurrency and stock; the underlying asset class varies widely. So it’s pretty simple, to profit from a business, you should first understand it.

Cryptocurrencies are no rocket science for ordinary people. It’s a form of payment mechanism secured by a network of computers following a mathematical governance mechanism. …

The current world population is nearly 7 billion now, and the maximum amount of BTC that can ever exist is 21 million. Going by this logic, every individual in the world can own only 0.003 Bitcoin.

By the rule of thumb, the lower the number of digital coins available to the public, the higher its value will become. Currently, Bitcoin is reaching its maximum value, pushing its price high and making it challenging to mine further BTC.

The total supply of BTC will be entirely exhausted in coming years that means if you hold more than 0.003 Bitcoin, you are…

We know that digital currencies will be preferred in future, and cryptocurrencies are operating as digital currencies only. But, especially talking about Bitcoin, it is not here to stay. Now, this statement might leave you in shock. But, I can explain it to you.

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Indeed many a time, people claim that BTC might fall, but there is no such case since the start of 2021. Bitcoin is continuously outperforming other cryptocurrencies since its launch. The current market price of BTC is $40,675, with a market capitalization of more than 760 billion US dollars.

Blockchain technology is a ledger of transactions that is distributed across the entire network and records the provenance of digital assets. It is immutable and hence, can solve many problems. In simple terms, it is a database where all participants can write but cannot delete or alter it.

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We are now very much habitual of hearing that blockchain is a revolution for the economy and businesses. Is it really a revolution? Apart from its various use cases, is it actually needed? Well, there might be different points of view for the question. But, in my opinion, blockchain is actually not…

When we talk of cryptocurrencies, the first name that comes to our mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin indeed is the first cryptocurrency, but, is always been at the top since its launch.

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Many other cryptos and altcoins have launched after that, but no coin has the capability to outperform BTC as of now. The current market price of BTC is $38,476.45, and it is increased by almost 11% within 24-hours.

Cryptocurrencies or digital assets are said to be the future of money. Are they actually the future? Let’s figure this out.

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We know that cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means that these are the peer-to-peer version of e-cash, allowing online payments directly between two parties. The use of digital assets doesn’t involve any financial institution, and it is indeed the USP of crypto assets.

It is always a point to debate whether cryptos can replace paper money or not. There are enough people who believe that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have enough potential to serve as a unit of exchange and…

Digital assets have become a global phenomenon in recent years, and technology is evolving like anything. If you see the latest crypto trend, you’ll find that their adoption rate is increasing since 2013.

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As depicted in the graph below, crypto-assets (including crypto tokens and stablecoins) show an upward trend for a few years.

Created in 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of Bitcoin that has improved its scalability by allowing more transactions to be processed. Bitcoin cash has its own blockchain and has a block size of 8 MB.


How is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a P2P crypto that has found its applications in daily transactions, and nowadays, BTC has become a mode of investment rather than a currency. The problem with Bitcoin was that it couldn’t handle the increasing number of transactions. The number of daily transactions of Bitcoin is increasing since 2012, but the Bitcoin network can process only seven transactions per second…

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