Bitcoin is controlled by a group of powerful cartels ranging from Top Nations to Fortune 500 companies.

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Most of us in the cryptocurrency industry should’ve heard these adjectives used to describe the nature of Bitcoin. Recently, the co-founder of Dogecoin accused the cryptocurrency industry of being controlled by some wealthy…

If you’re using ethereum for a while, then your only concern would be gas fees but it’s not for these guys, yes you’re right MATIC. The $15 billion L2 solutions for ethereum.

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During the early days of 2021, ETH transactional costs were crazy. It was crazy enough for us to…

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest wealth creators in the 21st century. It’s neither a gamble nor a coincidence but the beginning of a new financial era. Most people are used to traditional stock market investment. However, the terminologies and trading mechanisms remain relatively the same in cryptocurrency and stock…

The current world population is nearly 7 billion now, and the maximum amount of BTC that can ever exist is 21 million. Going by this logic, every individual in the world can own only 0.003 Bitcoin.

By the rule of thumb, the lower the number of digital coins available to…

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, can be attached to a video feature, an image or a tweet. However, what, correct? Consider NFTs an advanced resource that is costly; however, it may make you a massive amount of cash later on (or perhaps not) — like digital money yet not exactly (more…

Pods, an on-chain options protocol, is launched on Ethreum Mainnet on October 12th 2021. With the mission of creating the easiest way to hedge the cryptocurrency, Pods Finance will expand on delivering various strategies to get exposure to the derivatives.

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Let’s understand the role of Pods briefly. Pods aim to…

Binance has recently announced a growth fund of $1 billion to increase the adoption of the Binance Smart Chain along with the whole blockchain industry.

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Note that Binance has reserved $500 million for investment, $300 million for incubation, $100 million for talent development and $100 million for liquidity incentives.


Snook is a multiplayer game, “Snake”, just like IO game. It’s riding the fastest developing pattern in this fragment, the “Play-to-acquire” NFT game. The player’s snook character in the game is a stamped NFT.

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Blockchain and Crypto advancements make it workable for Snook to permanently record these accomplishments. The game…

Recently, Indexed Finance suffered a hack where assets worth $16 Million were exploited from CC10 and DEFI5. Notably, Indexed Finance is an absolutely decentralized protocol that provides users with passive portfolio management on Ethereum.

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In this cyberattack, the way through which the index pools are rebalanced was exploited.

Let’s understand the cause:

Index Finance…

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