The current world population is nearly 7 billion now, and the maximum amount of BTC that can ever exist is 21 million. Going by this logic, every individual in the world can own only 0.003 Bitcoin.

By the rule of thumb, the lower the number of digital coins available to the public, the higher its value will become. Currently, Bitcoin is reaching its maximum value, pushing its price high and making it challenging to mine further BTC.

The total supply of BTC will be entirely exhausted in coming years that means if you hold more than 0.003 Bitcoin, you are…

Cryptographic forms of money are all the rage and for a substantial explanation. They’ve ascended in volume and notoriety drastically over the most recent couple of years. Alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum, a large number of other digital forms of money have acquired footing. Also, Swipe (SXP) is one of the top decentralized account (DeFi) coins that have taken off in value this year.


Swipe is both a product and an advanced wallet environment that together are intended to permit clients to purchase and go through fiat cash and crypto resources at physical and computerized areas. …

Two days ago, the Lebanese pound reached a new low against the US dollar. It is estimated that the Lebanon currency has lost nearly 90% of its worth compared to 2019. The country’s stability is declining because of its economic meltdown.

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Earlier in March, many protests were held for the rising prices across the country. That was the time when the currency had lost its 20% of worth compared to 2019. At that time, the Lebanon currency hit a low of 15,000, and now it is even worst. …

DAOventures is a decentralized finance innovations-based computerized venture reserve that consequently puts into DeFi conventions and creates returns for the asset dependent on hazard order. The item works like an average VC, sourcing productive arrangements, speculation openings, and making returns for their LP.


DAOventures is a DeFi Robo-counsel and computerized cash supervisor stage. Envision. Its DAOventures, our primary goal to simplify DeFi, available and comprehensive. It put stock in making a less complex, more open, and more open world that is permissionless, comprehensive, and guided by our DNA of ongoing learning, trustworthiness, and straightforwardness.

DAOventures plans to increase present expectations…

Cryptocurrency is one of the biggest wealth creators in the 21st century. It’s neither a gamble nor a coincidence but the beginning of a new financial era. Most people are used to traditional stock market investment. However, the terminologies and trading mechanisms remain relatively the same in cryptocurrency and stock; the underlying asset class varies widely. So it’s pretty simple, to profit from a business, you should first understand it.

Cryptocurrencies are no rocket science for ordinary people. It’s a form of payment mechanism secured by a network of computers following a mathematical governance mechanism. …

Miners have recently supported the first bitcoin redesign or upgrade in quite a while throughout the world. It is an uncommon snapshot of agreement among stakeholders and crypto specialists that told the media that it’s a severe deal for the world’s most mainstream cryptocurrency.

Taproot or Taproot upgrade expects to change the ideal way the script function in Bitcoin makes the blockchain’s privateness, versatility, and safety and works for its wellbeing in another prospectus.

Bitcoin’s freshest update four years after the last affable conflict overhaul for the most part known as Taproot has now been approved by the crypto excavators…

WazirX seems to be in trouble since ED had issued the Show Cause Notice to its M/s Zanmai Labs Pvt Ltd. WazirX is indeed India’s leading crypto exchange platform allowing the customers to trade in cryptocurrencies.


A lthough Nischal Shetty, the director, denied any notice issued, it was surely issued by Foreign Exchange Management for the ongoing money laundering of 2,790.74 crore INR. The news was revealed by the official Twitter handle of the Directorate of Enforcement on June 11, 2021.

Polygon, on June 9th, announced the release of PolygonScan, which is a blockchain explorer to support high transaction activity on Polygon.

U sing PolygonScan, the users will now be able to fetch the data about their tokens, prices, and addresses on the blockchain. It is developed by the team who built Etherscan. Notably, Etherscan is the block explorer that allows the users to check smart contracts, stats, and transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

How is PolygonScan going to help?

You must be knowing that Polygon (or MATIC) is a blockchain scalability platform that offers to solve many issues of Ethereum…

If you’re using ethereum for a while, then your only concern would be reduced gas fees but it’s not for these guys, yes you’re right MATIC. The $15 billion L2 solutions for ethereum.

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During the early days of 2021, ETH transactional costs were crazy. It was crazy enough for us to pay $50 for sending $1 worth of ethereum to other accounts. It’s the same for sending $5M too. But the fact is that the gas fees went as high as 500 GWEI.

Cryptocurrencies with a limited supply have a greater chance to preserve their value. Let us consider the example of Bitcoin, which is having a limited supply of 21 million. Also, due to bitcoin halving, every four years, the reward for mining the BTC is halved. On the contrary, Ethereum provides a continuous flow of digital assets in the ecosystem. So, in the most simple words, when we deal with a finite supply of a cryptocurrency, there is a guarantee that their prices will increase, and hence we can have more profits from its future value.

In the case of Bitcoin…

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