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  • Andrei Korchagin

    Andrei Korchagin

    NYC. Tech, Blockchain, Digital Art, Life.

  • Ekta_io


    Bridging blockchain with the physical world.

  • Nick deWilde

    Nick deWilde

    Product Marketing at Guild Education. Writing about work & careers at http://junglegym.substack.com.

  • Service Design Berlin

    Service Design Berlin

    Creating platforms to share experiences, expand knowledge & bring people together w/ service mindset—running Service Experience Camp, publishing Service Gazette

  • Designit Spain&Latam

    Designit Spain&Latam

    We’re a global strategic firm. We design product-service experiences, making business transformation happen. Firma global de diseño estratégico

  • Regia Marinho

    Regia Marinho

    Visual artist. Writer. Civil engineer. https://regiaart.com https://linktr.vee/regiaart

  • Nick Tune

    Nick Tune

    Principal Consultant @ Empathy Software

  • Diana Malewicz

    Diana Malewicz

    Co-Founder @ HYPE4.com and hype4academy.com | Author of “Designing UI” book | +11 years experienced Product Designer and Advisor

  • Jason Yip

    Jason Yip

    Staff Agile Coach at Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl

  • Greg Becker | Origin State

    Greg Becker | Origin State

    Founder, Independent Design Director & Principal Product Designer @ ORIGIN STATE. Experience includes Nike, eBay, AKQA, Blink, Intel, Varo & others.

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